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Everything you could ever want in a peaceful holiday is here!

Trust me! I have travelled and lived abroad. I have had all types of holiday experiences and i have seen some beautiful places but when deciding to leave the UK there was only one place I wanted to be! Here.
Alykanas and Alykes have something unique and it is not just one thing. It is a blend of fine happiness ingredients.
I have been to places where people return year after year, all holding a torch of passion for the great times they have for their chosen resort and getaway, but I have never experienced it like this.
Since coming here on holiday in 2000 Jules and I returned many times as though we were addicted to it. We returned many times to Puerto Rico many times too, but the attraction was not the same! We had some fantastic times in Gran Canaria and met some great friends, but local friends? Not many.
Here, whether you are a tourist, traveller or resident, you become part of the family. The Zakynthian people are unique and Brits can associate with these people. It's like you become part of their lives. Maybe not just like! you do!
I believe as many as 75% of people that holiday here return, even those that never go to the same place twice. We see many of them and they all belong to the Alykon family! and most become addicted.
If you are looking for a great holiday destination, this is it. See you soon.

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